Lemon Grove Counselling & Therapy Ltd

We feel that every young person, given the opportunity and the space to be free to express themselves, to be accepted and valued for who they are and to feel understood, has the capacity to make positive choices about their lives, to change and grow and to ultimately reach their potential in whatever way is right for them.

Young People

Although counselling is generally considered to be a 'talking therapy', in our experience, it can often be helpful for a young person (or someone of any age, actually!) to also have access to other ways of expressing themselves. This could be through drawing or painting, being creative with plasticine or clay for example, or, by expressing themselves through play as a means of 'telling their story' and communicating how they feel.  At our room at Lemon Grove we have a range of creative materials and play items whereby a young person can express themselves in whatever way they feel is most helpful.