I have been working, as a counsellor, with both individuals and couples for over 16 years.

I love what I do with a passion and feel able and so very lucky to immerse myself in the lives of those who come to work with me. I believe counselling is a journey and, just like life, can be one of amazing discovery as well as difficult, challenging and often painful. Either way, I have always been totally committed to it.

My approach in counselling is fundamentally Person Centred. This means that I believe in the ability of every human being to find and exploit his/her own powerful resources to resolve and overcome whatever difficulties come up. My focus is always on the person in front of me and making sure the conditions for he or she to find peace and resolution are there. Over the years, through training and experience, I have broadened my knowledge and practice and been able to integrate elements of other approaches like the Psychodynamic or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ones, for example.

I believe the key to therapy is in the relationship with others and I feel I am able to develop strong and meaningful connections with people in a way that allows the healing and growing process to be a powerful one. Every individual is unique and precious and it is from that starting point that my approach is borne.

Whilst counselling is my passion, I come from many years of experience working in a high pressure environment within a leading London advertising agency managing some of the biggest brands in the country. My approach in managing people was based on focussing on creating the right conditions for every individual to attain their potential by treating everyone with care and respect. I appreciate the pressures of work and balancing that with my role within my family and as a father.

Some of the key areas I have worked with in counselling are to do with relationship problems, bereavement, loss, depression, anxiety, self-esteem and work-related issues.

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I have been practicing as a person-centred counsellor for 18 years and, through my work, I have been privileged to meet many beautiful and unique human beings.

I believe my greatest strength and gift as a counsellor is my ability to create a meaningful connection and therapeutic relationship with another, and, I feel I have the qualities of self-awareness, genuineness or realness, empathy and an acceptance of others; all of which I consider to be vital to be able to enter into a therapeutic relationship with someone who is looking for help, with whatever it is that has led them to seek counselling.

I believe, that within counselling, the relationship is the therapy and ultimately, it is the relationship with another human being that heals. In any therapeutic relationship, I see myself as a fellow traveller, sharing a part of the clients journey through life, for as long as they want me alongside them. I always feel humbled and honoured when another human being puts their trust in me, and invites me to walk alongside them for a while and shares with me with their unique story.

I initially trained as a nurse and worked for 23 years in the NHS. I trained as a counsellor whilst nursing and felt passionate about the emotional impact of illness and the effects on an individual and their family.

As a counsellor, I have extensive experience of working with both individuals and couples. In addition, I managed a counselling service for a local agency for four years. I have undertaken a variety of training courses since qualifying in 2003, including training in Person-Centred art therapy and working with couples.

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